Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tired. All three of us. Lalie is tired because she only catnaps through the day. I am tired because I don't nap during the day... and Paddy is tired of our tired, irritable state.
I was expecting to start feeling better, but she is feeding more than ever. It used to be just the once during the night, around 2.30 - 3.00am mark. Now she's up for a midnight snack, her usual 3am meal and then a breakfast appetiser at around 5.30am. At this point I drag her into bed and try to get an extra hour of sleep while she squirms and fusses. I tell you, I am exhausted. When is it exactly they are supposed to sleep through the night? Because at the moment it feels like it's not going to happen in this lifetime.

P.S - On a lighter note, a baby in a Bonds Wondersuit really is a wondrous sight to behold. The cutest thing you can buy with a tenner.


  1. Oh lady, I hear you! The tireds are an unwelcome but common state around here. I think it gets harder as they get older because the tiredness is cumulative. I hope for your sake the extra wakings are just a short phase. Hang in there. Kellie xx

  2. My Bubba has been doing this a bit too.. I don't mind the extra wakings so much if she goes straight back to sleep.. but if it takes a long time to coax her back to sleep then I feel wrecked.. and irritable.. and impatient.

    So she comes into bed with us after her 11pm feed. That way I just dont even have to get out of bed to feed her and we all tend to go straight back to sleep.. whatever works!

    Totally agree about the wondersuits! They are so snuggly. I wish they came in my size!

  3. She is just sooo cute. Maybe its a growth spurt? Am sure it will pass and you will soon be tucked up in bed all night.

  4. such an adorable baby girl! at first I was not taking naps (I was never a nap person) but I started this week and it does make a difference :) take care.

  5. Oh she is gorgeous!

    how old is she? The sleeping through the night thing will come. Then it will probably go again. And then it will come back (or here's hoping.) But I've realised that it's not worth worrying too much about each new disturbance to the routine or getting too excited when it starts going to plan because babies are so damn changeable!


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