Wednesday, 20 April 2011

If you're reading this, stop now and back up your data.
Two weeks ago (hence the absence) my iMac died a sudden and painful death. The hard drive erased itself. Erased. Gone. I did not have anything "backed up". Suddenly I feel like a total moron, like Carrie in that SATC episode where her laptop dies.

I still can't even bear to talk to anyone about it. All those photos. Nearly five years worth of pictorial memories are lost forever, dissolved into thin air. Of course, I am upset about losing all our photographs documenting our life in Sydney, but what pains me the most is the loss of pictures from the last three months - the first three months of Eulalies birth (including her birth and the minutes and hours following). I do have some images that I can salvage from this blog and from emailed pictures sent to friends and family. But the pictures I miss the most aren't the ones where the lighting was nice, or it was framed well, or she was smiling in that one - it was all the everyday moments and rituals, images that wouldn't really impress anyone - but to us they were magical.

Of course, in the big scheme of things, this is hardly a big deal. There are people all over the world who have lost everything in these devastating Natural disasters that have been occurring in the last few months. A few photos is nothing. We have our health, our family, our home.

Oh, well - a fresh start. My computer took more than four days to be repaired, and the store policy promised that after the fourth day, the repair was free. So I guess there's the silver lining.


  1. That sucks about the photos. Kellie xx

  2. oh my goodness. i feel sick at the thought. your memory will just have to work harder i guess. i am paranoid about losing things so i back up but i also upload my photo archive to flickr. i would recommend that, i feel pretty safe now. anyway, those chubby legs in that air shot are totally edible! and i love that elle deco spread too, the may edition is also a good one. you have a gorgeous blog and beautiful photos.

  3. oh dear. sorry to hear you lost everything. my man is obsessed with backing up our photos and vids on two seperate hard drives. guess he has a point.

  4. oh this happened to us too. its the shittest thing ever.


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