Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Weekend pancakes (or in this case, public holiday pancakes) are becoming our little family ritual. Okay, so Eulalie lies on floor cushions while Paddy and I stuff ourselves silly... but I do look forward to the day that she can sit with us at the table and eat pancakes with us throw pancakes at us on a lazy Sunday morning.
He's all strawberries and syrup while I'm strictly lemon and sugar -probably quite indicative of our respective personalities... super sweet vs sweet 'n' sour!

P.S - How cute are those bloomers? They're made out of vintage fabric - from Shorties in Newtown. They are getting quite a run!

P.P.S - Quietly hoping Lalie grows into those toes...


  1. oh yes, it's all about the weekend pancakes for us too. i love a family ritual.

    baby thigh rolls and pancakes. delish.

  2. I think I may just have to start getting into this pancake thing. I cant even remember the last time I made them. And me - I am lemon and sugar too - delicious!!


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