Sunday, 24 April 2011

So now that I'm a mother... I figured I may as well go all out and get crafty. And take ridiculous photos of a three month old wearing rabbit ears purchased at a two dollar shop and covered in cute fabric in an attempt to make the whole exercise seem less tacky. Did it work? Oh, I don't care. I'm sleep deprived.

Happy Easter... every...bunny.


  1. Your ears are unreal. Gorgeous Lalie looks super pleased about it all too. Kellie xx

  2. oh boy, this goes beyond cuteness! You did a great job with the bunny ears! Maybe this could be a yearly shot?

  3. bahahahahbabahahahajhavsbvasjhvcmnvaNSANNan

    holy shit- this is tooooooo funny. you are flippin fabulous.


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