3 months

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Three months yesterday and we are smitten beyond imagining. It was only two posts ago that she was two months! It's flying by and I am astonished every day at the changes. She is laughing, talking, cooing, gurgling, reaching for things, DROOLING, kicking like a maniac in the bath, SPEWING, doing a strange running-man-esque move on her change mat, sucking her fist(s)/fingers/thumb and completely mesmerised by abc2 for kids.

Oh, how we love our little Lalie Bug!


  1. Oh my goodness she looks so much like Paddy in this pic!!! Miriam x

  2. Ooh I think our girls must have been born withing a few days of each other! And Bay has those exact same bloomers which I always pair with a yellow singlet. Funny.
    She is gorgous. Lovely name


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