Thursday, 3 March 2011

Eulalie (or Laylie Bug... or just 'Bug" as she is now affectionately referred to as) attended her first party yesterday. Her big cousin Keeley turned terrible Terrific Two. Fairies and bubbles and balloons, oh my! So far, my cutie pie daughter has received three party invitations. At the grand old age of six weeks, I believe we may have a socialite in the making.

Happy Birthday, Keeley! Lots of kisses and cuddles from Aunty Abell, Uncle Paddy and Laylie Bug xoxoxox.

P.S Huge thank you to my little sis, Stephie for Eulalies adorable dress. One of many lovely gifts from her trip to Bali!


  1. Reading back on your first few weeks of motherhood as I await mine. Can't believe how quickly she grew in those first 6 weeks, she looks so different and yet exactly the same.

    Hope she's feeling better. -jaclyn

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