My cot for my girl

Monday, 21 March 2011

My Grandad made this cot for me when I was born. My sister and I both slept in here when we were babies, and now my own daughter will too. It's such a shame I don't have a photo of myself in here... it is very special to know we all slept in a cot especially handmade for me.

It's such a gorgeous cot, made from solid Jarrah. I love the details and it makes Eulalies room even more eclectic and whimsical which I love!

... I think these cute wall decals from mae really set it off!


  1. Such stunning detail! And so lovely you used to sleep in it too. Lucky thing with such a nice heirloom!

  2. I think I could just die. gorgeous!

  3. this takes my breath away - what a beautiful room you have created such beautiful details. As soon as I saw the cot I thought wow then I read what you wrote and thought wow- wee....its truly amazing!

    These pics belong in a magazine - you should contact little one baby!

    ps happy to make something for you when the time is right your little miss is adorable!

  4. Yes, I am sneeking through your old posts and loving what I am finding. I cannot believe your grandad actually made this cot. It's so beautiful and must feel extra sleeping to put Eulalie to bed each night.

  5. I adore this cot and what makes it even better is the fact you also used it and it was hand made by your Grandad.


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