Sunday, 13 March 2011

bounce. bounce. smile. bounce. smile. smile. bounce. bounce. whinge. bounce. bounce. whinge. bounce. whinge. whinge. bounce. SQUARK.

Included happy snaps only this time :)


  1. She's already changed so much, what a cutie. What about the hilarious safety instructions on those bouncers about secure with a safety pin??

  2. Hi!

    Stumbled here via Peonies & Polaroids. Just had to say how beautiful your blog, and your baby are! Trawling through your blog is absolutely making my evening.

    Also, where is that lovely babybounce from? Is that only a southern hemisphere thing? Shame if it is...

  3. Ah, I found it. The magic of google. :)

  4. Hi agirl, Just wanted to say thanks for commenting because I've just spent a good hour or more over at your blogs - pleased to have found you!

    Glad to see you managed to track down the amazing Babybounce - this one was my husbands when he was little (not the pink, obviously - they have interchangeable covers!).


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