Saturday, 12 March 2011

Nothing fits us. It's depressing. Eulalie is clearly not happy about it. And neither am I. Poor lalie-bug is lost somewhere in between zero's and I'm floating sinking somewhere between post pregnancy, maternity and pre-pregnancy.

Although we're both in this fashion-wardrobe-limbo-land together, only one thing is for certain. At least Eulalie can take comfort in the fact that she will, at some stage in the foreseeable future, get to wear all of these gorgeous garments and receive compliments aplenty on her chubby thighs and multiple chins.

I, on the other hand, will take comfort in Cadbury's Crunchie ice cream (the family tub, thank you) and just hope some of the chubby compliments are directed at me.


  1. :).. one superstylin lil bubba... (like her mumma - as always!)

  2. oh man, you crack me up.

    how sis i miss this post on my archives mission the other day?


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