Christmas Day

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Despite overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety leading up to Christmas, the day itself turned out to be joyous, relaxed, simple and meaningful. It was a day filled with delicious food (and that gorgeous Logan wine), beautiful gifts and the people we love most. I couldn't have wished for anything more for Eulalie's first Christmas....

...but it wasn't long before the festivities started to fester. Unfortunately our New Years Eve plans involve staying home and caring for a sick baby. These last few days we've all been struck with a nasty stomach virus - Lalie being the last to come down with it. Hopefully we can leave the dreaded lergy behind in 2011 and bring in the new year feeling fresh and healthy. 

Do you have any exciting or not-so-exciting plans? I'd love to hear!  

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year!

- These photos represent only half of the day(!), and only half of the gorgeous family we spent it with. Photographer got a bit lazy after lunch!
- Don't mind the wispy tree - a roadside find - what it lacked in appearance it made up for in aromatics. Paddy tells me it's all about the nostalgic pine-y freshness.
- For those who are interested, Lalie's jumpsuit is a handmade vintage number :)

And if you ever saw her...

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Baby's first Christmas gives me the license to be a little bit cheesy, right? I think this little performance is marginally less cringe-worthy than the Easter get-up... so at least I'm getting better!

All jokes aside, I really just want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful, happy, full bellied, love loaded, relaxing and memorable Christmas!

...and thank you. Thank you so much for coming to visit me here at this little space. And for allowing me to tap into such an inspiring, warm, creative, friendly and supportive community. This Christmas I will pause to give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life - including the friendships I have forged across the miles through the writing and reading of blogs.

See you in 2012 (!!) 
Claire xo


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Hannah Logan sent to me
'09 Vintage Cuvée,
'11 Savignon Blanc,
'10 Chardonnay,
'11 'Hannah' Rosé,
'10 Pinot Noir,
'09 Cabernet Merlot,
'09 Shiraz,
'11 Pinot Gris,
'11 Reisling,
'11 Gewürztraminer,
'09 Merlot,
'09 Shiraz Viognier,
And it was all packaged so very perfectly!

The extremely generous folk at Logan Wines have sent us the most amazing gift - a selection of their beautiful wine to sample over the silly season! And the timing couldn't be better - with all this pre-christmas madness, I'm about ready to dive into that Rosé.

This is the kind of wine you drink with your eyes first - elegantly shaped bottles adorned with tactile labels featuring images of the most exquisite embroideries and whimsical illustrations. These wines are certainly dressed to impress, and from my own previous experiences drinking this brand of wine, I can already tell you that the flavour does not disappoint. But don't quote me on that just yet - I've got twelve bottles to get through before I can give a final assessment ;)

11 months

Eleven months and there's no stopping her! The toys were a pathetic attempt at distracting her for a couple of seconds so I could snap a quick portrait before she came tearing towards me like a bat outta hell. These blurry, poorly lit action shots are the best of a bad bunch. Thank heavens Tim is coming to town for the next one. The big O.N.E. We're super excited!

It's been a huge month of learning for Eulalie, and I'm amazed at some of her new skills... but it's a hectic time of year, and I'm pushed for time to write it all down.  I thought I should quickly jot a few things down, mostly for our own record of this beautiful time.

Eleven months is all about walking(!) and talking ("dog dog dog") and eating and tickling and cuddling and teething and bumping heads and kissing dollies and making messes and loving puppies and cuddles and reading stories and keeping mummy on her toes.

We see more of her gorgeous, cheeky personality every day. She's determined, charming, observant, hilarious and super sweet. She brings so much joy to everyone around her. She's our girl, and we love her so.


Friday, 16 December 2011

Mangoes and lychees, direct from Nonno's farm to the mouth of babe. When it's only 7am and already 28 degrees, there's really no other choice for breakfast.


Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Thanks for all the blanket love on my last post. I'm still pinching myself. Although it's kind of ironic that I scored a knitted blanket during a heatwave. Any other knitted blanket and I couldn't even bear to look at it. But I'll quite happily stare at this piece of 'art' (as categorised by Anna and her friend Jill) while I swelter in 35+ degree temperatures and 98% humidity. It's not fair is it? You're probably freezing and could really do with a knitted blanket... Oh well.

(Geez, I'm getting a bit cheeky 'round here lately...)

We've been keeping cool by swimming at Nanna's house with Lalie's cousins. Any other outings involve swift transfers from air-conditioned house to air-conditioned car to air-conditioned shopping center. Not exactly my idea of fun, but that AC is essential.

Oh, and speaking of Lalie's Nanna... how's this for six degrees of separation? I've just realised that Zoe - the designer of the sweet Hollie Hobbie dress in my last post - is a reader of my blog! When she saw Lalie in her adorable 'Pretty Pickings' creation, she linked back to me on her facebook page - where Celia from Shorties spotted it and got in touch with Zoe saying that Eulalie's Nanna (who's in Sydney on holiday) had been in the Shorties store over the weekend! (Cat's out of the bag, Nanna!). So now we've been mentioned on the Shorties facebook page too! Are you following? No? Me neither... but isn't it a funny little world?  

Now do yourself a favour and pop over to Shorties and Pretty Pickings. Super cute, stylish, delightful childrens wear and accessories! 


Friday, 9 December 2011

Op-shop. Yesterday. A tenner. A TENNER!!!

Try not to hate me...

...but if you never come back here to visit me again - I'll understand.

* Holly Hobbie vintage fabric dress - a gift from Zia Kel - purchased at Shorties when she was just a wee thing. It finally fits!

Happy Friday, folks!


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A few little op-shop finds are putting me in the Christmas Spirit. A vintage baby deer reindeer adorned with metallic gold spots - perfect timing for baby's first Christmas. A book of antique sheet music has my gift wrapping sorted*... and the Indian beaded throw underneath? So beautifully festive and makes for the perfect table runner. We've yet to put up the tree but I've started hanging a few garlands and switching on the fairy lights to bring a bit of magic into the home.

The wet season is upon us and Lalie is fascinated by these little wet drops falling from the sky. She watches with curiosity out our bedroom window, and I smile at the thought of babies experiencing their first snow, somewhere far up there in that place they call the Northern Hemisphere.

Oh, and with the pitter-patter of rain on our tin roof comes the pitter-patter of tiny feet on the floorboards. Lalie is starting to take her first steps - only three or four - she stumbles towards me with her enormous grin and twinkling eyes... and dives into my arms. Pure magic.

Are you feeling festive yet? What are your plans this year?

* Gift wrapping sorted, now just for the actual gifts...

* Please excuse the iphone photos, but I've temporarily lost my enthusiasm for fussing about with my big camera. It's either these or nothing!


Friday, 2 December 2011

This morning I took this sad sack outdoors to see if a couple of hacky sacks and some furry friends could distract her from the teeth bearing down on her little gums. Sometimes I think I'd be lost without these two pups of ours. So far they've proven to be the perfect remedy and distraction for just about anything.

A bumped head? - "Where's Millie and Dottie?"

Teething torture? "C'mon doggies, lets play!"

Overtired and won't settle? "Lets go out and see what the special dogs are up to..."

Their names are Millie and Dot, but we call them "The Special Dogs" - because that's exactly what they are. Lalie is fascinated by dogs and shrieks and squeals with delight if we come accross other pooches while we're out - she won't let up on the squealing until she's taken over to meet them. It's obvious we've got a little animal lover on our hands.

Are there any special animals in your life?

* Millie is the beagle x cavalier aka 'Big Spesh' and Dot is the poodle x cavalier aka 'Little Spesh'.
* 'Sailor Spesh' romper found at an op shop for fifty cents.

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